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Mark is an exemplary presenter. His content is solid, his slides are clear and appealing, and his delivery is smooth and compelling, with a perfect dose of humor that keeps the session as entertaining as it is educational. I learned a lot from Mark in a short time, not only about pricing, but also about how to make a great presentation.

Mark Stiving made pricing easy to understand and fun. Using every day examples, Mark taught the basics of pricing and wrapped up with a memorable story, summarizing 3 key points from his one hour presentation.

Mark Stiving, PhD is an extremely engaging instructor and an expert on pricing. I am continually impressed with his effortless presentation style, his bottomless knowledge on the subject matter, and his passion to make an impact on his students.

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    How to Find Competitors’ Prices

    The formula for “value-based pricing” is simple. Your buyer’s “willingness to pay” is equal to the competitor’s price plus positive differentiation value minus negative differentiation value. In other words, whatever your competitor is charging plus how much the buyer values what you do better, minus how much the buyer values what your competitor does better. […]

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    Stop Sales Discount Authority!

    Earlier this week I had the privilege of interviewing Mark Hunter ( for an upcoming Pragmatic Live podcast. I’ve been reading Mark’s blogs and books for a long time. He’s a sales trainer who really gets pricing. In our interview, Mark said something I hadn’t heard him or any other sales leader say before. “Don’t […]

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  • distributor-listing

    The Value of Pricing Data from Your Distributors

    You are about to read some details of a project I was part of that collected and analyzed some pricing data from one of our distributors. You may not be able to exactly replicate this, but you can likely do something similar or even much better. Many years ago, when I was running pricing for […]

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