8 Year Old Pricing Brilliance (cute)

Thanksgiving weekend I was sitting at breakfast with a brilliant 8 year old girl. I asked her questions like what she wanted to be when she grows up. “A teacher, I think,” she answered shyly. After several brief answers she began asking me questions. “What do you want to be when you grow up?” I answered that I work in pricing. “What made you want to get into pricing?” Good question. “What do you do when you price things?” Great question.

We talked about pricing for a half hour or so with her continuing to ask fantastic questions. I could see her contemplate every answer before she came up with the next question. She runs a small t-shirt business with the help of her mom and grandma and tried to apply some pricing concepts to her business. Did I mention she was brilliant? And only 8?

Later, we were in the living room where we were telling stories. She told a story she had memorized about an “Anxious Leaf”. I told the story about meeting my wife. She started another story. After hearing the first 3 lines I stopped her and asked her to start over so I could record it. What you see in this video was not prompted or coached in any way, which makes it even more amazing.

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