About Me

Mark StivingI’ve had a very eclectic career from engineer to technical sales to marketing professor to entrepreneur to pricing executive to instructor. See my LinkedIn profile for details.

I feel like every job I’ve ever had was grooming for my current job, Instructor for Pragmatic Marketing. I get to use knowledge and skills learned in every other job to help me be the best in front of a room. When I’m teaching, my sole purpose is helping my students understand their jobs and motivating them to take positive action. Their success is my greatest joy.

mark-jakeI spend most of my time when I’m home with my lovely wife Carol and my dog Jake. Jake and I often go hiking on the mountain behind our house. I’m learning to paraglide, which takes more skill than I expected. I’m often cycling, both road and mountain, and if we actually get water again some day, I’ll be back in my whitewater kayak. Oh, and I’m a HUGE Ohio State Buckeye fan. The only sport I really watch on TV is college football.

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