How to Fearlessly Give Effective Evaluations – Resources

Evaluations are the lifeblood of Toastmasters.  Thank you for caring enough about your fellow toastmasters and your club to learn more about effective evaluations. Here is the handout, How to Fearlessly Give an Effective Evaluation.  (The blanks already filled out for you.)  Feel free to share this with others.

Expertise During the seminar we discussed how you can improve your expertise.  I’ve tried many things to improve mine.  Some were good, some not so good.  Here are what I think are the three best ways you can improve yours.

  1. Sign up for Craig Valentine’s 52 speaking tips
  2. Sign up for Darren LaCroix’s top-ten speaking tips
  3. Sign up for the World Champion’s Edge (Lower right part of this link)

The World Champion’s Edge is an online community of very high powered speakers and good speakers looking to become even better.  The organization is led by several of the past World Champions of Public Speaking.  You can join the first month for $1 and see if it’s worth it for you.  I highly recommend you join for at least one month and listen to many of the past audio lessons.  They are extremely good.  Then, feel free to quit at the end of your month.  You will absolutely get $1 worth of value in that month.

One of my clubs, Switch-On, provides every evaluator with written evaluations.  What a great way to get feedback on your evaluation.  Here is their Evaluate the Evaluators form.  You might want to create one for your club.

Feedback Wanted What did you think of the evaluation seminar?  Please post your comments below.  I collect the positive comments with the hope of presenting this seminar at the Toastmasters International Convention one year.  All suggestions for improvement are read and considered. Also, if you would like me to come speak to your Toastmasters club (and you aren’t too far from San Jose), please check out this page.