Pricing – The Most Powerful Marketing Tool


Mark Stiving, Ph.D. is a pricing expert committed to helping companies capture more of the value they create. All businesses, no matter their size, strive to create value; pricing captures it-the true measure of a company’s worth.

Sought after speaker and author, Mark explores with his audiences this least understood yet most powerful concept, the correlation of pricing to value. This elusive link profoundly impacts the success or failure of every business.

Mark’s goal for clients mirrors that of every individual entrepreneur or multinational firm to generate more profit and grow revenue through effective pricing practices. His new book, Impact Pricing: Your Blueprint for Driving Profits, was written to further share his expertise.


Mark’s blog,, introduces readers to the finer points of this significant subject. Through anecdotes that hit a universal nerve and arrow-sharp questions that define universal problems, Mark’s pithy explanations offer insights and information to novice or pro. His comments combine the practical and profound overlaid with a sense of humor and a genuine love for his field.

To reach Mark, please send him an email at “ms at”.