More Testimonials


“Okay. So the universe and I conspired to create an event that leaves me in complete AWE! I just got schooled in the art of adding value. I reached out to Mark Stiving on LinkedIn and asked him to discuss pricing on behalf of one of my clients. His profile said he was a pricing expert, and he responded to my LinkedIn mail, so I was able to schedule an hour call with him. Having never met, I was expecting the same progression that most first time calls happen – general information to gauge fit with a follow up call if the energy aligns. WOW. Not even close. Mark asked for nothing except a very minor gift and gave us an hour of his time going deep into different and complex pricing methodologies, helping my client understand the true value of their product at a CRUCIAL time in their business. I. am. BLOWN. away. This man IS a pricing expert with a heart to lead through service. Yes to more of this Universe!!”

~ Pamela Bowen, Founder and CEO at Bowenventure


“Your talk at the MPPA meeting last month was eye-opening. I have actually revised the way I price.”

~ Donnalynn Polito, donnalynn EcoLivingDesign


Dear Mark,

Thank you for a fantastic talk at the November meeting of the Midpeninsula Professional Alliance. Your talk was enlightening, informative, and actionable and I have been getting calls and emails from participants praising me for hiring you to give it!

The effort you took to customize your remarks to the time and needs of the audience made for a very un-rushed and thoughtful presentation with plenty of time for questions.

Finally, your book make an excellent accent and take away for our meeting. Each new book owner has a pricing reference they will need in the weeks ahead as they formulate plans to use their new knowledge about pricing and its impact.

Thank you once again, and I hope you can make time for us to reprise your engagement next year. Good luck to you as you build your reputation and practice in the months ahead.

~ Thomas L Pencek, President, Midpeninsula Professional Alliance


“Mark was a “foundation” expert on my website,, from 2011 until 2015. His responses to clients’ pricing challenges were always eloquent, timely, informative and pragmatic (…funny about that last one). His departure from Team PricingProphets (for reasons totally outside his control) is a huge win for anyone else fortunate enough to secure Mark’s services.”

~ Jon Manning, Value-Based Pricing, Monetisation and Business Model Strategist


“Are you making or selling products? Hoping to make and sell products? Then this seminar is for you.

Mark’s pricing seminar was real eye opener for me. I expected it to be informative and useful — and it was — but it delivered far more. And Mark’s easy conversational style made for an enjoyable and memorable learning experience.

In the class, Mark not only covers many traditional aspects of pricing theory and practice, but he goes the extra step to tie this back to marketing decisions on which products to develop in the first place. The discussion on product differentiation for capture or creation of market segments was particularly informative.

He also introduced mathematical approaches including conjoint analysis and Taguchi methods. There was just the right amount of mathematics for most people (almost none), and for those of us who really care (like me ;-)), he showed exactly where to go to find out more. In just a couple minutes he demonstrated how easy it can be to apply some of the web-available multivariate tools to help with feature set selection and tiered pricing. I would not have thought it would be so simple.

Throughout the day, Mark peppered his presentation with a number of rules of thumb for different market types, economic value capture scenarios, psychology of fairness, etc.

The class was highly interactive and I got plenty of time to discuss my particular product development questions such as, which market?, product positioning, feature sets, segmentation, and — of course — how much to charge!

This course has improved how I approach the process of product development. It has materially altered my business plan. I highly recommend it to anyone who is grappling with the questions of which products to make, which markets to pursue, how to position against competition, and how to monetize value. So basically, if you are in the business of making or selling product, talk to Mark.”

~ Rudy Hofmeister, CEO and Founder H2Optx


“I saw a YouTube video of Mark talking about pricing… at exactly the moment I needed some advice with a problem. I sent an email out of the blue and his response was quick, helpful and very professional. And on top of that I found out that he was a fellow UC Berkeley alum!”

~ Ciaran Quinn, Chief Commercial Officer at deltatre


“Mark’s valuable coaching was instrumental in helping us build a framework for pricing. He definitely knew the pricing challenge well. His knowledge was accurate and to the point.”

~ Ahmad Baitalmal, CTO at ROC-Connect


“Mark is a Pricing expert that can explain the choices and psychology of pricing in simple to understand language. He helped me think through options for a new pricing model.”

~ Kurt Shaver, Keynote Speaker & Trainer for Increased Revenue


“I had the pleasure of hearing Mark speak at the IQPC pricing event in July of this year. He was outstanding. Mark brings a world-class level of pricing expertise combined with a gift for making complex concepts easy to understand. He’s a natural for connecting with the audience and keeping them engaged. I would highly endorse Mark as a guest speaker on anything related to pricing, as well as being an emcee for an overall pricing event (like IQPC).”

~ Tim Girgenti, Chief Strategy Officer at PROS


“Mark and I started out as members of a common group, then he became my client, and now I’m one of his. I hired Mark as my pricing coach, but he is really a business coach. We still spent several hours discussing my business: Who were my customers? How did I find them? How did I decide what to charge them? What competition did I really have? How was I different? What were my different products? Mark walked me through the 4 foundations of pricing and we discussed how each could be applied to my business. In the end, we decided on 2 concrete action items that I will take, and I’m confident they will improve my business. By digging into my pricing, we really dug into my business. If you get a chance to work with Mark, do it!”

~ Russell Barnett, EA, Owner, Russell Barnett, EA


“Mark creates results. He was the force that moved Maxim to make a decision on the pricing system. His leadership is what made the Model N implementation more successful than most I’ve seen. Mark focuses on results, not himself. He always has a positive attitude and a level of inner self confidence that others want to follow. Probably most importantly, Mark respects the people he works with, listening to ideas from everyone. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Mark on this project.”

~ Ken Daly, Management Consulting


“Mark is a pleasure to work with due to his positive and ‘can do’ attitude. He is a mover and a shaker! He is always positive, even in stressful situations. Mark strives to find the best solution to any difficult situation, leading and guiding the team along the way. Mark speaks with knowledge and confidence in such a way that his co-workers desire to follow his lead and find his style comfortable. Mark has a unique quality to seek advice from multiple inputs, process the information and make an informed decision that will have the greatest impact for the project and the company. Mark’s skills have had a very positive effect on managing change management throughout our organization.”

~ Geryl Winterowd, PMP, MSPM, CSM, IT Director, PMO


“A man of professional wealth for the passion of his working life….Pricing! It is simply a pleasure to be in Mark’s company, his energy and motivation to achieve is contagious, his generosity to share his knowledge and experience is consistent and openly offered. Working with him has provided me with a higher education in Pricing, a teacher of principles and real world examples. If your Corporation lacks vision or direction within the Pricing arena, I recommend you open discussion with Dr Mark Stiving.”

~ Guy Wilson, Business Operations at GLOBALFOUNDRIES


“I had the pleasure of working alongside Mark at National Semi. We were both in the global business management group and both played key roles in implementing value based pricing (VBP) Mark was key in guiding and driving the marketing community to complete vbp for their products, and in working with our IT group to implement the necessary value pricing maintenance system. Mark also significantly enhanced the value pricing setting tool creating the price premium ratio to guide our quote desk to win and capture willingness to pay. Mark is the most passionate person I know on his twin professional loves of pricing and public speaking. He is fast acquiring a celebrity and expert status in both areas.”

~ Philip Prince, Pricing, Business & Finance Operations Professional


“Mark’s knowledge and expertise in general pricing theory and semiconductor-specific pricing was extremely useful and practical for the Global Business Managers at National Semiconductor. Mark’s experience was essential during the formulation and roll-out of Value Based Pricing and other initiatives to capture product value.”

~ Thomas Maiello, PMP, Director, Product Support at Morpho Detection, LLC


“Mark is a joy to work with and has such a positive and encouraging attitude. He is a strong speaker and will enlighten you with his knowledge.”

~ LaChelle Tellez, RTM and Pricing Manager- Analog Business Marketing at Texas Instruments


“In July 2010, Mark volunteered to fill a last minute vacancy at the IQPC pricing conference. Not only was he a lifesaver for jumping in, but Mark demonstrated a deep knowledge of pricing and more importantly is able to communicate this well. Based on the feedback forms, Mark was considered to be knowledgeable and his presentation style was where he really stood out. I highly recommend Mark as a speaker and pricing leader.”

~ Oksana Shubchinskaya, Divisional Director (Oil&Gas, Auto, Cyber Security) at IQPC


“I have worked for Mark Stiving as his Director of Manufacturing for nearly 5 years now. I have found Mark to be a fine manager, empowering me to do the things I do best. He relies on my judgment without micromanaging me which is extremely important to me. He is an extremely intelligent individual but does not act as being superior to anyone at any level. He also cares greatly for his employees and is genuinely concerned over their well being both professionally and personally. Mark would be an asset to any organization.”

~ Craven Lynn, Director of Manufacturing at Home Director Inc.


“When the owner of Domus Technologies, Inc., became critically ill, Mark quickly stepped in and became the stabilizing force leading the company. He gained control of the urgent cash management issues, and then set out to find a buyer for the company. Mark discerned a rough understanding of the assets of the company and created a value proposition to pitch potential suitors. After finding a buyer, he negotiated a deal that made both parties happy and closed in less than two months. Thanks to Mark, the outcome far exceeded all expectations for this unfortunate situation.”

~ Elizabeth Fielder, Commercial Real Estate Lawyer


“I’m proud of the time I’ve worked for Mark while at Home Director. Mark is a focused and sharp individual who is manages his reports with diligence and respect. I would jump at the chance to work with him again at any opportunity. 

P.S. Did I mention his amazing presentation skills?”

~ Dave Hurley, Brand and Channel Marketing Professional


“I selected Mark to be President and CEO of Destiny Networks because of his integrity, intelligence and record of success. Starting with a proof of concept, we jointly developed the vision and Mark took over from there. He launched the company, obtained an office, hired a team, and led them in executing the vision. When major obstacles came up, he took an active role to confront them. For example, when we couldn’t find integrators to install our new Handsfree Automation products, Mark built an integration company so we could demonstrate success in the field. When corporate credibility was an issue he drove the development of an elegant brochure that convinced our potential customers. He was the only salesman for the first two years, simplifying and perfecting a complex message down to Handsfree Automation. Mark is detail oriented, has an intuitive feel for user interfaces and is a whiz with Excel. As a leader, Mark provided consistent confidence throughout the life of Destiny. He was always fair with the employees, but not afraid to identify and cut those not contributing. When we decided to sell the company Mark found and hired our banker, and then worked aggressively with them to identify and pitch many possible suitors. Throughout the years Mark has consistently demonstrated that I made the right choice when choosing him. Hence, I would recommend Mark as a valuable part of any executive team.”

~ Brent Bilger, VP Solutions Architecture at Vidder


“I have enjoyed working with Mark for over 6 years and throughout that time he has proven to be an exceptional leader. He listens to me when I have something to say and either agrees with me or calmly explains a different point of view. He allowed me to make the decisions on how to run the integration portion of destiny without getting too involved, yet when I needed direction he was always there. I like that Mark is honest and it is obvious he is concerned for what is best for the company and what is best for me and my family. I would be honored to work with him again.”

~ Mark Jackson, IT/Tech Professional – Screenwriter


“I was at Stratagem Partnering during the 8 month period when I worked with Mark. Stratagem represented Destiny Networks in a strategic partnering engagement that ended with Destiny being acquired by Home Director. Mark was our primary contact.

Many executives find the M&A process very challenging because of the added pressure and responsibility. However, Mark is an extremely well organized, versatile and hard working professional who did an outstanding job of balancing both jobs’ day-to-day demands. And he always conducted his affairs with utmost integrity.

I worked with several executives during my 7 years with Stratagem and found Mark to be one of the most capable. I can recall a number of occasions when he skillfully addressed a range of business and personnel issues. I found his style to be refreshingly direct and honest. And he dealt with controversial issues head-on and wasn’t afraid to take an unpopular position if it was something he believed in. Mark’s team appeared to respond well to his leadership style, because he was able to command both their respect and loyalty.

I also found Mark to be an effective communicator and presenter – perhaps a skill he gained as an educator. Potential partners consistently responded well to his sales presentations, in which Mark artfully delivered technical messages in a very clear and understandable fashion. Mark exhibited a similar ability to break down seemingly big problems into small, easy to manage pieces, which proved to be a valuable asset on numerous occasions.

In short, I wholeheartedly recommend Mark for any executive position that requires an effective, honest, pragmatic and motivational leader. I would be happy to answer any questions related to my experience working with Mark.”

~ Larry Lightman, Independent business consultant


“Mark was the graduate student instructor for my marketing research class at UC Berkeley. As a teacher, Mark’s energy was non-stop and infectious, keeping our whole team on its toes for the entire semester. I appreciated Mark’s sense of humor and level of engagement, and actually learned quite a bit about motivating others by watching him operate. Smart guy, and very capable, he would be a tremendous asset to any team.”

~ Kevin Presley, Consultant • Coach • Educator


“Mark Stiving, PhD is an extremely engaging instructor and an expert on pricing. I am continually impressed with his effortless presentation style, his bottomless knowledge on the subject matter, and his passion to make an impact on his students.”

~ Lindsay Doherty, Corporate Accounts Manager, UC Irvine Extension (Corporate Training)