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5 Reasons to Hire Mark For Your Next Event!

Your Audience Deserves a Unique Topic that’s Crucial to the Success of Every Business

Pricing is the most powerful lever companies have, yet so few people understand it. Companies who understand and use the power of pricing are much more profitable. Warren Buffet says, “The single most important decision in evaluating a business is pricing power.”  Your attendees will leave with completely new and valuable insights into their current and future business. 

Makes this Complex Topic Understandable and Fun

Every company has unique pricing problems, yet there are general concepts that apply to almost every company.  Mark has a unique ability to explain these fundamentals clearly, in an understandable way that and makes application and implementation more likely by attendees.  

“Mark is very enthusiastic and a very accomplished communicator – so many seminars are hosted by snake oil sales people – it is clear he knows his stuff and really digs pricing.” Lan Merrill, Director of Technology, Compix Media

More Than Just a Keynote: Your audience experiences live mentoring, personalization and customization so they can walk away with answers

More than just “good information”, schedule permitting, Mark conducts a follow-on breakout session to solidify the concepts in practice.  In this session, he publicly mentors several attendees for 10 minutes each.  For each attendee he mentors, Mark will find one or more key pricing issues and make suggestions on how to address them.  These sessions solidify the concepts taught in the keynote.  Both the audience and the mentees will walk away with solid actions they can take within their own business.

Mark's Presentations Resonate with Executives and Individual Contributors

Mark was a CEO.  He understands executives and what they find important.  At the same time, Mark knows that the salespeople are even more critical to success.  When they understand how their role contributes to communicating and capturing the value customers buy, they are more motivated to perform well and close more sales at higher prices.

Customized Content for Deeper Understanding

In the weeks before the event, Mark interviews several attendees and some of their buyers so he can include industry specific examples to these critical concepts.  The concepts sink in deeper when attendees see them implemented in their own market or relative to their own role as a salesperson or sales manager.

Mark Checks all of the Boxes for What Meeting Organizers Want in a Presenter

  • Doesn’t sell from the stage.  Period.
  • Interactive. He loves questions and will even ask the audience some.
  • Great presenter.  Has a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 81, higher than Apple’s.
  • Easy to work with. – No outlandish requests and no unreasonable accommodations needed
  • Focused on the success of the event and the value his audience takes away.  This is not just a keynote.